Forms on this site are provided as a courtesy to clients.


This link will take you to the Appellate Division's website, where the forms to be used by Guardians for Initial Reports and Annual Reports are located:

Article 81 Lay Guardians can take an online version of the court-approved training course through the Guardian Assistance Network. This link will take you to the training course:

All Article 81 Guardians must file with the Chief Clerk of the Supreme/County Courts an Oath & Designation within 10 days of their appointment. The form is here: Oath & Designation Form


Fingerprint Procedure 

* You must use the proper ORI number when obtaining fingerprints for adoptions.

Ontario County Family Court ORI: NY034023J

Yates County Family Court ORI: NY061023J

Child's Medical History

Child's Medical History Notice

OCFS-3937 - Private Adoptions

OCFS-4156 - Agency Adoptions

Adoption Information Registry (AIR) Parent Registration Form

Private Placement Adoption Questionnaire